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Sedriques Dumas’s reverberation resounds through the octagon in the realm of UFC, as warriors forge and legends come to life. Dumas is a great fighter, respected and feared by rivals, with an amazing career and strong determination. Explore Sedriques Dumas’ life, achievements, wins, knockouts, submissions, and his exceptional skills that make him stand out.

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1. The Rise of Sedriques Dumas

Early Life and Background

Hailing from Pensacola, Florida, in people’s backyard. Sedriques Dumas entered the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) with a fire in his belly. In Sedriques, people exposed Dumas for asking $100 for an interview. This experience shaped his fighting style by making him more resilient and determined.

Stepping Into the UFC Arena

Sedriques Dumas made his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 221 against Josh Fremd. This marked the beginning of a journey that would bring him fame in the sport. His journey through various weight classes and opponents showcased his adaptability and skill set, leaving audiences clamoring for more.

2. Total Wins, Knockouts, and Submissions

Total Wins in UFC

Dumas has won 9 times in the UFC, showing his amazing talent and determination. Each win tells a story of determination, strategy, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Total Knockouts in UFC

In the world of UFC, knockouts are the currency of glory. Sedriques Dumas has mastered this art with an impressive four knockouts under his belt. His striking precision and power have left opponents reeling, creating unforgettable moments in the history of the octagon.

Total Submissions in UFC

But Dumas’ dominance extends beyond striking; his proficiency in submissions is equally remarkable. With two submission victories, he has showcased a ground game that adds depth to his already formidable skill set.

3. Sedriques Dumas Fighting Style

Striking Prowess

In the heart of Sedriques Dumas’ fighting style lies an unparalleled striking prowess. His ability to land precise and powerful hits has made him a formidable contender in stand-up fighting. As a result, his opponents are constantly trying to find a way to defeat him.

Ground Game Mastery

Beyond striking, Dumas’ ground game is a spectacle in itself. He is very skilled at grappling and striking, which makes it hard for opponents to predict his moves.

sedriques dumas

4. Sedriques Dumas’ Personal Life

Life Outside UFC

Beyond the glaring lights of the octagon, Sedriques Dumas leads a life that mirrors his humility and dedication. By participating in hobbies or charity work, Dumas connects with fans on a personal level. Dumas achieves success through his physical prowess and strategic approach. Study fight footage, analyze opponents, and develop a personalized game plan for success.

5. Some Words of Serdiques Damas

Dumas remarked, “If I had the same old routine I had back in 2012 and beyond, I wouldn’t be standing here.” “I’d probably be six feet under or locked up somewhere.”

High school didn’t pan out for him. Instead, work, parties, and what he describes as wasting time caught up with him. Then came a moment of introspection – a literal look in the mirror. The 250-pound former football player didn’t like what he saw.

“I looked at myself and thought, ‘I don’t like this. I’m an athlete,'” shared Dumas. “I started training to get in shape, and the weight started falling.

Along with it came focus. As a kid, focus wasn’t my strong suit. As a young adult, I embraced my gift and ran with it.”

That gift was mixed martial arts fighting, and his commitment was unwavering. Shedding from 250 pounds to a lean 185, Dumas, as a raw amateur, took on fights that some deemed beyond his league.

Dumas recalled his mentor’s advice: “To be great, you must fight, no matter if you win, lose, or draw.” I was defeating opponents with stats like 10-2. He told me, ‘You have potential.'”

He turned pro with a remarkable record of 15-1, frequently competing in Dean Toole’s Island Fights series. Dumas faced formidable opponents, willingly accepting the challenges Toole presented. He won against the first six opponents.

He earned a coveted opportunity in the UFC’s Contender Series. The Contender Series is a pathway to the major professional leagues.

“I owe a lot of respect and gratitude to him because he went out of his way to get me tough fights,” acknowledged Dumas. “I didn’t want any easy wins. I faced fractures and broken ribs. ‘Let’s keep it going.'”

In August, he showed off his skills in the Contender Series audition, with the third-fastest submission in just 47 seconds. This outstanding performance earned him a UFC contract, a game-changer in his life. Despite a setback in his UFC debut against Josh Fremd in March, Dumas views it as a learning experience.

“To make it in the UFC, it’s not just about the fight; it’s about how I perform and carry myself. Your mouth and your actions can get you cut real quick. I humbled myself in ways many wouldn’t,” emphasized Dumas.

Dumas, 27, believes his UFC journey will bring new opportunities as he faces Cody Brundage with a 7-1 record. He discusses providing for his kids and aspiring to break into the Top-10 in the world. The ultimate dream? Perhaps representing Pensacola, much like Roy Jones Jr. did.

“Major props to Roy. However, the original gangster had his time, and now it’s the moment for the fresh blood to step in and assume control,” announced Dumas.


Sedriques Dumas is more than a UFC fighter he represents strength, talent, and the unwavering quest for excellence. Dumas is a popular and successful mixed martial artist known for his unique fighting style and strong connection with fans.

Step into Sedriques Dumas’ world. Witness his powerful attacks and holds. Join the fan base that recognizes him as a true champion.

Sedriques Dumas Stats?

W-L-D. 9-1-0.
(T)KO. 4-0.
SUB. 2-1.

Sedriques Dumas UFC record?

Sporting a professional record of 9-1, Dumas has proven his mettle in the UFC with a commendable 2-1 standing. Notably, he secured back-to-back victories against Cody Brundage and, more recently, Abu Azaitar. The challenge of facing Dumas is undoubtedly formidable, especially considering his stellar performance in his UFC debut against Brunno Ferreira in July 2023.

Sedriques Dumas age?

Age: 28 | Date of Birth: 1995.08.06.

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