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Are you passionate about hockey, seeking a vibrant youth development program, and dreaming of honing your skills on the ice? Look no further than the DSMHL! In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on an exhilarating journey through the league’s offerings, from its rich history to the dynamic youth programs that make it a standout in the hockey community.


Understanding the DSMHL

The DSMHL is a dynamic and vibrant youth hockey organization affiliated with the Dallas Stars, a professional ice hockey team based in Dallas, Texas. Established with the aim of fostering the growth and development of young hockey enthusiasts, this league has become a prominent platform for aspiring players to hone their skills and embrace the spirit of the sport.

The DSMHL isn’t just another youth hockey organization it’s a community, a breeding ground for talent, and a pathway to the thrilling world of junior hockey. Established with the vision of fostering young talent, this league stands as a testament to the commitment of the Dallas Stars organization to the development of the sport at the grassroots level.

The Dallas Stars Metro Hockey League is the next step in your child’s hockey development after the Dallas Stars Hockey Academy program. The league is built to provide age and skill-appropriate structure and content for players who have completed our Hockey Academy.

Before diving into the league’s exciting programs, it’s essential to understand the structure. The league boasts multiple teams, each vying for supremacy in an atmosphere that thrives on competition and camaraderie.

Youth Development Initiatives

DSMHL Youth initiatives

Research has shown that players get 3 times more personal skill development through station-based practices when compared to traditional, full-ice team practices. The Dallas Stars Development Model employs the latest techniques and systems focused on individual player development.

This Model is player centric, concentrated on age-specific training and the long term athletic development of players across our region. Our goal is to educate, assist and develop players in an age appropriate, high energy environment that keeps them focused, entertained and passionate about what they are learning, therefore turning their potential into excellence.

One of the league’s shining aspects is its dedication to youth development. The Dallas Stars junior development program is a beacon for aspiring young players, offering a systematic approach to skill enhancement and character building. Explore the league’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of hockey stars through its extensive coaching programs and skill-building workshops.

Getting in the Game

Ready to step onto the ice? It’s time to explore the steps involved in joining the league. The registration process for the Metro Hockey League is straightforward. Head to the official registration page, fill in your details, and you’re one step closer to becoming a part of the vibrant hockey community. For detailed instructions Click Here.

Rules of the Game


Before you hit the rink, familiarize yourself with the league’s rules. A solid understanding of the Metro Hockey League rules ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for both players and spectators alike. From penalties to game structure, knowing the ins and outs enhances your appreciation for the sport.

Locker Rooms: All teams must use assigned locker rooms posted at the front desk on the rink TV monitors or at other locations throughout the rink. It is highly recommended that the team lock the door to the locker room while their team is playing.

Rosters: Only players (including goalkeepers) listed on the Official Team Roster and USA Hockey 1-T Form or Hockey Canada Certified Player Roster may play in tournament games. A player’s name may only appear on one (1) roster for the Tournament. Any team using a player not properly listed on the team roster or listed on more than one (1) roster will forfeit (1-0) any and all affected games.

Game/Score Sheet: Coaches or Managers must check in before each game at the desk and mark any scratches from a game (player not dressing) that must be reported to the scorekeeper prior to the start of the game. A copy of the score sheet may only be obtained from the tournament website after the game concludes.

Uniforms: Home and Visiting teams are indicated on the tournament schedule. Home teams shall wear light colored jerseys and matching socks. Visitors will wear dark colored jerseys and matching socks

Chasing Glory

The pursuit of championships is what fuels every athlete’s passion. The Metro Hockey League playoffs are the climax of the season, where teams battle fiercely for the coveted title. Stay updated with the latest standings and playoff matchups to witness the culmination of skill, strategy, and determination.

Beyond the Rink

The Dallas Stars Metro League events extend beyond the confines of the ice. Explore the league’s commitment to community outreach through various youth hockey tournaments and events. These initiatives not only promote the sport but also instill a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants.

The Heart of Youth Hockey

The success of any youth hockey program lies in its ability to develop well rounded individuals. The Dallas Stars youth development program goes beyond on-ice skills, incorporating life skills, teamwork, and leadership into its curriculum. Discover how this holistic approach sets the league apart in the realm of youth sports.


In conclusion, the DSMHL isn’t just a league it’s a community, a pathway to excellence, and a celebration of the spirit of hockey. From the thrill of the game to the commitment to youth development, every aspect of the league contributes to its standing as a powerhouse in the hockey world. Embrace the excitement, join the community, and let the journey with the Dallas Stars Metro Hockey League begin.

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