NHL Blocked Shot Leaders

NHL Blocked Shot Leaders


In the fast paced world of ice hockey, defense plays a crucial role in determining a team’s success. One often overlooked aspect of a player’s defensive contributions is their proficiency in NHL blocked shot Leaders. This article dives deep into the world of NHL shot blocking leaders, exploring the statistics, strategies, and impact these players have on the game.

NHL Blocked Shot Defeenders

Understanding the Blocked Shots

A blocked shot occurs when a player on the defensive end uses their body or equipment to intercept and deflect an opponent’s shot, preventing it from reaching the goal. This defensive skill is crucial for stopping scoring opportunities and is measured through stats like blocked shots per game. Players adept at blocking shots demonstrate a combination of anticipation, quick reflexes, and a willingness to sacrifice their bodies for the team’s benefit.

Analyzing Defensive Metrics

HNL Blocked Shot

Analyzing defensive metrics in blocked shots is crucial for evaluating a player’s defensive impact in NHL hockey. Key metrics include:

  1. Blocked Shots Per Game:
    • Indicates a player’s consistency in disrupting opponent shots.
  2. Shot Suppression:
    • Reflects a player’s role in limiting overall opponent shot opportunities.
  3. Defensive Impact:
    • Considers how blocked shots contribute to turnovers, halt scoring chances, and influence the game’s flow.

Top Shot Blocking Strategies

Mastering shot blocking strategies is a hallmark of elite defensive play in ice hockey. Here are some top strategies employed by players to effectively block shots in the NHL:

  1. Positional Awareness:
    • Strategic positioning is key. Players anticipate the opponent’s moves, positioning themselves to disrupt shooting lanes and block shots effectively.
  2. Timely Stick and Body Placement:
    • Successful shot blockers use their sticks and bodies expertly. They position their sticks to deflect shots away from the net and use their bodies to create a barrier, minimizing the chances of the puck reaching the goal.
  3. Sacrificing the Body:
    • A willingness to sacrifice the body is a defining trait of effective shot blockers. Whether it’s diving in front of a slap shot or absorbing a wrist shot, players showcase fearlessness in the face of a potential scoring opportunity.
  4. Active Stick Work:
    • Players utilize an active stick to disrupt passing lanes and block shots. This involves using the stick to redirect or intercept the puck, preventing it from reaching its intended target.

NHL Blocked Shot Leaders

Best Shot Blockers

Now, let’s take a closer look at the skaters who consistently dominate the shot-blocking statistics in the NHL. Click here for the latest updates on the blocked shot leaders NHL.

1. Joe Pavelski

Known for his shot blocking ability, Joe consistently ranks among the league leaders. With an impressive blocks of 1098, Joe Russell tenacity on the ice is unparalleled.

2. Ryan Getzlaf

Ryan Getzlaf is a veteran forward and the longtime captain of the Anaheim Ducks, known for his exceptional playmaking skills and leadership on the ice. With an impressive blocks of 1006.

3. Nick Bonino

Since he became an NHL regular with the Anaheim Ducks in 2011-12, Bonino has 902 shot blocks.

4. Anze Kopitar

The 36 year old center is cruising yet again with 14 goals, 21 helpers, 70 shots on net, 29 blocked shots and a plus 16 rating through 35 appearances this season. With an Overall Blocks of 930.

5. Ryan Kesler

Ryan Kesler had 866 blocked shots in his career.

6. Patrice Bergeron

Patrice Bergeron blocked his most shots in 2021-22, with 45 blocks. StatMuse has season-level data for blocked shots going back to the 1999-00 season. With an Overall Blocked shots 847.

7. Mike Fisher

Nashville went 15-8-4 after acquiring Fisher, who led NHL forwards with 89 blocked shots. He scored 24 goals. With an Overall Blocked Shots 827.

8. Logon Couture

He’s up to 23 goals, 32 helpers, 159 shots on net, 111 hits, 60 blocked shots and a minus-20 rating through 67 appearances. With an Overall Blocked Shots 782.

9. Zach Parise

 The 38 year old winger is up to 17 tallies, 28 points, 159 shots, 82 hits, 76 blocked shots and a plus 6 rating through 70 contests overall, playing mainly in a middle six role. With an Overall Blocked Shots 743.

10. Blake Wheeler

Blake Wheeler has hit opponents 130 times since 2021-22. With an Overall Blocked Shots 717.

Impact on Team Success

The value of a strong defensive presence, especially in shot-blocking, cannot be overstated. Teams with players leading the NHL blocked shot leaders charts often find themselves with a competitive edge. The ability to neutralize opponent scoring opportunities is a game-changer, and these players contribute significantly to their team’s overall success.


In the ever evolving landscape of professional ice hockey, defensive contributions hold the key to victory. The NHL blocked shot leaders exemplify the dedication and skill required to excel in this crucial aspect of the game. As fans, let’s continue to appreciate and celebrate these unsung heroes who make a significant impact every time they step on the ice. Remember, defense wins championships, and the NHL blocked shot leaders are at the forefront of that defensive revolution.

We acknowledge the excellence not only in forwards but also in outstanding defensemen. If you’re intrigued by the defensive stalwarts who have clinched the prestigious Norris Trophy, particularly those from the St. Louis Blues, delve into our article on Blues Norris Trophy Winner.

NHL shot block leaders 2023-24?

Jacob Trouba with 123 Blocks
Mario Ferraro with 118 Blocks
Brayden McNabb with 110 Blocks
Chris Tanev with 109 Blocks
Nick Seeler with 108 Blocks
Mackenzie Weeger with 107 Blocks
Kaiden Ghule with 107 Blocks
Jake Waleman with 104 Blocks
IIya Luybushhkin with 103 Blocks
Erik Gudbranson with 102 Blocks

NHL blocked shot leaders all time?

Mark Giordano 2135 Blocks
Marc-Eduoard Vlasic 2065 Blocks
Kriss Russell 2044 Blocks
Duncan Keith 2010 Blocks
Andy Greene 1999 Blocks
Brent Seabrook 1998 Blocks
Daniel Giradi 1954 Blocks
Alexander Edler 1936 Blocks
Roin Hainsey 1933 Blocks
Alex Pietranglo 1885 Blocks

NHL shot block leaders 2023 forwards?

Alec Martinez
Nick Bonino
Jacob Trouba
Auston Matthews
Redak Faska
Adam Larsson
Jacob Middleton
Sam Reinhart

NHL blocked shots leaders this season?

Alec Martinez had the most blocked shots in 2022-23, with 244 blocks.

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