Kyle Schwarber Contract

Kyle Schwarber Contract


Kyle Joseph Schwarber, known by his nickname, ‘Schwarbs,’ is an American professional baseball player who excels as an outfielder and designated hitter for the Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball (MLB). Born on March 5, 1993, in Middletown, Ohio, U.S., Schwarber’s journey to the majors began at Middletown High School, where his passion for baseball first ignited.

Kyle Schwarber Contract

His talent propelled him to Indiana University Bloomington, where he showcased his skills as part of the Indiana Hoosiers baseball team. Schwarber’s dedication and prowess earned him a coveted spot in the 2014 MLB draft, where the Chicago Cubs selected him in the first round as the fourth overall pick. Throughout his career, Schwarber has also made significant contributions to teams such as the Washington Nationals and the Boston Red Sox, solidifying his reputation as a formidable force in professional baseball.

Kyle Schwarber Contract Breakdown

YearBase SalaryYearly Cash

How much is Kyle Schwarber getting Paid?

In 2022, Kyle Schwarber inked a lucrative contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, valued at $79 million over four years, boasting an average annual salary of approximately $19.75 million.

His journey through baseball contracts commenced in 2014 with the Chicago Cubs, where he secured a one-year deal worth $3.125 million. Continuing with the Cubs until the 2020 season, Schwarber’s contracts saw incremental increases in value. In 2015, he signed a $507,500 contract for one year, followed by $522,000 in 2016. Subsequent one-year deals included $565,500 in 2017, $604,500 in 2018, and $3.39 million in 2019. His 2020 contract soared to approximately $7 million for one year.

Transitioning to other teams, Schwarber engaged in diverse contract scenarios. In 2021, he embarked on a $3 million buyout contract with the Boston Red Sox before sealing a retained contract with the Washington Nationals, valued at around $4.54 million. However, Schwarber didn’t stop there; the same year, he clinched another significant deal with the Washington Nationals worth $10 million for a single year before ultimately being traded back to the Boston Red Sox.

Kyle Schwarber

Total Kyle Schwarber Earned in his whole Career

Kyle Schwarber’s illustrious Career has garnered impressive earnings, estimated at $59,989,866. This substantial sum comprises his cumulative salary, approximately $56,864,866, and bonuses amounting to $3,125,000.

From 2022 to 2023, Schwarber amassed a staggering $39,000,000 solely from his salary. 2022 his earnings amounted to $19,000,000, followed by an anticipated $20,000,000 in 2023. Such figures underscore the remarkable financial success accompanying Schwarber’s stellar career trajectory.

Kyle Schwarber Contract Records

In 2014, Kyle Schwarber initiated his professional journey by securing his inaugural contract with the Chicago Cubs, valued at $3.125 million. In 2015, Schwarber’s commitment to the Cubs continued with a one-year agreement worth $507,500. The trend persisted in 2016 as Schwarber inked another one-year deal with the Cubs, valued at $522,000; in 2017, another contractual renewal was brought forth for Schwarber, amounting to $565,500 for a single year.

In 2018, Schwarber’s tenure with the Cubs was sustained with a contract worth $604,500 for one year. The 2019 season witnessed Schwarber solidifying his bond with the Cubs through a one-year contract valued at $3.39 million. 2020 marked a significant milestone as Schwarber’s value soared, reflected in a contract worth approximately $7 million for a one-year term with the Cubs.

Schwarber’s career trajectory shifted in 2021 as he diversified his affiliations. Initially, he engaged in a $3 million buyout contract with the Boston Red Sox for a single year. Simultaneously, he embarked on a retained contract with the Washington Nationals, estimated at $4.54 million. The same year, he reaffirmed his commitment to the Nationals with an even more substantial contract valued at $10 million.

By 2023, Schwarber’s career trajectory reached a pinnacle with his momentous contract signing in 2022 with the Philadelphia Phillies. This landmark agreement, valued at $79 million over a four-year term, solidified Schwarber’s stature in professional baseball. His average annual salary of approximately $19.75 million underscores his invaluable contributions to the sport.


In summary, Kyle Schwarber’s baseball journey has been defined by impressive contracts and significant earnings. From his debut contract with the Chicago Cubs in 2014 to his recent lucrative deal with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2022, Schwarber has consistently showcased his talent and value on the field. With each contract, he solidifies his status as a prominent figure in Major League Baseball, demonstrating both skill and financial success throughout his Career.

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Kyle Schwarber net worth?

Kyle Schwarber’s net worth is $99,989,866.

Kyle Schwarber salary 2023?

Schwarber’s salary of $20 million for the 2023 season places him at the 20th position among all MLB players in terms of earnings.

Kyle Schwarber contract length?

Kyle Schwarber’s contract spans a duration of four years.

Kyle Schwarber age?

Kyle Schwarber is currently 30 years old, born on March 5, 1993.

How much does Kyle Schwarber weight?

Kyle Schwarber weighs approximately 102 kilograms.

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