Who is the best Captain in world

who is the best captain in world


Cricket, the sport of gentlemen, holds the magic of leadership within its folds. Every team boasts the best captain, a figurehead whose strategic genius and charisma shape victories and carve legacies. As we delve into this enigmatic realm, we aim to uncover the veil shrouding the question: Who is the best captain in world?

Leadership brilliance in cricket transcends mere statistical achievements. It encompasses the ability to inspire, innovate, and adapt. A leading cricket captain exhibits strategic acumen, impeccable decision-making, and the uncanny knack of rallying troops in dire moments.

Top 10 Best Captains in the World

1AustraliaRicky Ponting
2West IndiesClive Llyod
3IndiaMS Dhoni
4AustraliaSteve Waugh
5PakistanImran Khan
6South AfricaGraeme Smith
7New ZelandBrendon McCullam
8IndiaSourav Gangualy
9EnglandEoin Morgan
10Sri LankaArjuna Ranatunga

Their Records as Captains

1. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting’s leadership prowess is legendary in the cricketing world. His approach of leading from the front transformed him into a run-scoring machine and propelled Australia to two consecutive World Cup victories in 2003 and 2007 without a single defeat. Ponting’s remarkable win percentages of 62.33% in Tests and 76.14% in ODIs solidify his status as one of the greatest captains ever.

His aggressive attitude on the field made him a formidable force, earning him unparalleled popularity as a leader. Ponting’s legacy as a captain will forever be remembered as a testament to his unwavering commitment and passion for the game.

2. Clive Llyod

Clive Llyod

The captain of the dominant West Indies cricket team of the 1970s and 80s led his squad to two consecutive World Cup victories in 1975 and 1979 and an impressive unbeaten streak of 27 Test matches, including 11 straight wins. Despite losing to India in the 1983 final, his leadership was pivotal in maintaining the team’s formidable stature.

Captaining 84 ODIs, he won 64, boasting the highest winning percentage as a captain in ODIs at 77.71%. His ability to extract the best from each player underscored his legendary status in cricket history.

3. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni’s captaincy journey began with India’s triumph in the inaugural T20 World Cup, marking the onset of the MSD era. His leadership saw the Chennai Super Kings clinch the IPL title three times, and India emerged victorious in the 2013 Champions Trophy.

However, his crowning achievement led India to a historic World Cup win on home soil in 2011. With 331 matches captained across all formats, Dhoni secured victory in 178, showcasing his leadership prowess. Known for his big-hitting and exceptional finishing skills, Dhoni became the face of Indian cricket and earned global acclaim as one of the best cricket captains in history.

4. Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh, the architect of Australian cricket’s dominance in the 1990s, epitomized resilience both with bat and ball and as a leader. Under his captaincy, Australia’s victory in the 1999 World Cup stands out, as they rallied from the brink of elimination to win five consecutive matches and lift the trophy. His defining innings in the World Cup semifinal showcased his unwavering mental fortitude and ability to thrive under pressure.

As a Test captain, Waugh’s record was even more impressive, guiding Australia to the number-one ranking. With 41 wins out of 57 Test matches under his leadership, Waugh’s tenure marked an era of unparalleled success for Australian cricket, only to be punctuated by a memorable defeat to India, famously referred to as the ‘Last Frontier’.

5. Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Ex-Prime Minister, gained global recognition for his exceptional leadership in cricket before entering politics. He led Pakistan to victory in the 1992 Cricket World Cup, the nation’s only one-day World Cup. Imran’s charismatic personality and respected leadership earned him admiration on and off the field. Despite briefly retiring after the 1987 World Cup, he returned to cricket a year later, responding to the nation’s call for their beloved leader.

6. Graeme Smith

Greame Smith

Graeme Smith, the epitome of leadership in South African cricket, holds the record for captaining his national team in Test matches more than any other player worldwide. Smith’s exceptional batting prowess and charismatic leadership earned him the title of the “Godfather of South African captains.”

Under his stewardship, South Africa ascended to the No. 1 Test team in the world and achieved victories across the globe. During his tenure, South Africa chased the highest total ever, with Smith leading from the front by scoring a majestic quickfire 90 in that match. In ODIs, Smith captained 150 games, winning 92 of them, further solidifying his legacy as one of the most outstanding leaders in cricket history.

7. Brendon McCullam

Brendon Mccullam

Brendon McCullum, renowned for his fearless batting, assumed the captaincy of New Zealand in December 2012, instilling in his team the same aggressive and bold brand of cricket he epitomized as a player. While he led his team to memorable victories in Test cricket, such as at Headingley and in the UAE, it was in ODIs where he thrived as a captain.

With a winning percentage of 61.86 in ODIs, McCullum’s crowning achievement led the Kiwis to their first-ever ICC Cricket World Cup final in 2015. His blistering 158-run innings marked McCullum’s meteoric rise to prominence in the opening match of the IPL, where he decimated opposition bowlers.

8. Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Gangualy

Affectionately known as ‘Dada’, Sourav Ganguly is celebrated for changing how Indian cricket is played. As captain, he fearlessly faced rival captains, leading India through a challenging period overshadowed by match-fixing scandals.

Ganguly formed a dedicated team committed to serving Indian cricket, and under his leadership, India famously defeated Australia at Eden Gardens. He captained India in 146 ODIs, winning 76, and is recognized for his strong performance overseas compared to other Indian captains.

9. Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan, the captain of England’s white-ball cricket team, has revolutionized the game, shifting the focus from red-ball to white-ball cricket and ushering in a new era for English cricket. Following England’s disappointing performance in the 2015 World Cup, Morgan spearheaded significant changes in the approach to white-ball cricket, leading by example and guiding his teammates on a new path.

Under his leadership, England transformed from struggling to reach 300 runs to consistently scoring 400s, surpassing other teams between 2015 and the 2019 World Cup. This fearless approach culminated in England’s historic victory, securing their first ever 50-overs World Cup title after numerous failed attempts.

Eoin Morgan’s remarkable leadership and batting prowess have propelled him to new heights of popularity, earning him recognition as the man who transformed English cricket. As captain, he ranks second in most T20Is, winning 37 out of 64 matches, and has secured victory in 74 ODIs out of 124 games.

10. Arjuna Ranatunga

Arjuna Ranatunga

When discussing Sri Lankan cricket, one name that stands out is Arjuna Ranatunga. Before the 1996 World Cup, Sri Lanka was perceived as one of the weaker teams. However, Ranatunga’s astute understanding of cricket and willingness to make bold decisions transformed the team’s fortunes.

His surprising move to open with Kaluwitharana and Jayasurya caught opposition teams off guard, as Sri Lanka attacked aggressively from the outset. Beyond the field, Ranatunga supported his players in various ways, including financial assistance and recognizing their economic challenges. In his captaincy tenure, Ranatunga won 12 test matches out of 56 and 89 ODIs out of 193, leading Sri Lanka to their only World Cup in 1996.


In summary, the legacies of these ten cricket captains epitomize the diversity and impact of leadership in the sport. From Clive Lloyd’s West Indies dominance to Arjuna Ranatunga’s transformative leadership for Sri Lanka, each captain’s journey embodies strategic brilliance and unwavering commitment.

Ricky Ponting’s Australian triumphs, Sourav Ganguly’s Indian resurgence, and Brendon McCullum’s fearless approach with New Zealand underscore their enduring influence on the game. As architects of cricketing greatness, these captains have left an indelible mark on history, inspiring generations with their leadership on and off the field.

Most successful captain in ODI cricket?

The most successful captain in ODI cricket history is Ricky Ponting of Australia. Ricky Ponting led the Australian team in 230 ODIs, winning 165 matches as captain. His win percentage of 76.14%.

Top 10 cricket captain in the World?

1. Ricky Ponting
2. Clive Llyod
3. MS Dhoni
4. Steve Waugh
5. Imran Khan
6. Greame Smith
7. Brendon Mccullam
8. Sourav Gangoly
9. Eoin Morgan
10. Arjuna Ranatunga

World best captain in IPL?

MS Dhoni is the most successful captain in IPL. MS Dhoni has captained in a total of 204 matches in the Indian Premier League (IPL) across his tenure with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Out of these matches, Dhoni has led his team to victory in 129 matches.

Who is the best captain in world t20?

MS Dhoni is also the most successful Captain in World t20 Internationals. He lead the nation in 72 t20 matches and out of them he won 42 t20 matches.

Most successful captain in Test cricket?

The most successful captain in Test cricket is Graeme Smith of South Africa. Smith led the South African cricket team in 109 Test matches, winning 53 of them. His win percentage of 48.62% is among the highest for captains who have led their teams in a significant number of Test matches.

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