Professional Wrestling Tag Team Match Types

professional wrestling tag team match types


In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, tag team matches stand out as a thrilling and engaging spectacle. Tag team wrestling involves the collaboration of two or more wrestlers, combining their skills to create an entertaining and strategic performance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into various aspects of professional wrestling tag team match types to provide you with a deeper understanding of this captivating genre.

Understanding Tag Team Wrestling

Basics of Tag Team Matches

A tag team match typically involves two teams, each comprising two or more wrestlers. The key element is the ability to tag in and out, allowing partners to enter the ring and contribute to the action.

Tag Team Dynamics and Strategy

Tag team dynamics play a crucial role in the success of a wrestling duo. Partners must develop a cohesive strategy, utilizing their strengths to outmaneuver opponents. The art of teamwork involves seamless coordination, timely tag team combinations, and strategic use of double-team moves to gain an advantage.

Professional Wrestling Tag Team Match Types

  1. Traditional Tag Team Match

The traditional tag team match epitomizes classic wrestling dynamics. Two teams, each with two members, strategically tag in and out, showcasing teamwork and skill. This timeless format emphasizes the essence of tag team wrestling, delivering suspenseful moments and synchronized maneuvers that continue to captivate audiences.

  1. Tornado Tag Team Match

In the Tornado Tag Team Match, all bets are off as all participants hit the ring simultaneously, ditching the traditional tag-in system. This frenetic format amps up the chaos, creating a high-octane battlefield where alliances shift, and the canvas transforms into a canvas of unpredictable mayhem. With no restrictions, expect a whirlwind of intensity and dynamic team maneuvers that redefine the excitement of tag team wrestling.

  1. Handicap Tag Team Match

The Handicap Tag Team Match introduces an intriguing twist, pitting one team against the odds by fielding fewer members than their opponents. In this asymmetrical clash, the outnumbered team faces the challenge of overcoming adversity, showcasing their resilience and individual prowess. The dynamics of the match often lead to strategic alliances and unexpected turns as the outnumbered team navigates the intricate balance between teamwork and individual skill.

  1. Elimination Tag Team Match

The Elimination Tag Team Match raises the stakes by requiring teams to compete until every member of one side is eliminated. This high-stakes format adds suspense as alliances break, and individual resilience takes center stage. The last team standing emerges victorious, making it a thrilling and unpredictable spectacle in tag team wrestling.

  1. No Disqualification Tag Team Match

In this no-holds-barred spectacle, the No Disqualification Tag Team Match lets wrestlers unleash unrestrained mayhem. With no limits on weapons or interference, teams navigate a chaotic battleground where creativity and brutality collide. This match type is a visceral experience, testing both in-ring skills and the strategic prowess of teams amid unregulated warfare.

  1. Mixed Tag Team Match

The Mixed Tag Team Match breaks gender norms, featuring both male and female wrestlers on opposing teams. With a unique tagging system, this format showcases diverse wrestling styles and strategic dynamics, providing an entertaining fusion of teamwork and inclusivity.

Strategies and Tactics in Tag Team Wrestling

Successful tag teams employ various tag team tactics to outsmart their rivals. The hot tag is a pivotal moment, injecting energy as a fresh wrestler enters the fray. Developing a signature tag team finisher can be a game-changer, capable of securing victory and leaving a lasting impression.

Tag Team Championships and Divisions

The world of professional wrestling recognizes the prestige of tag team championships. Many promotions have dedicated tag team divisions, showcasing the best tandems in the industry. Holding tag team gold signifies a team’s dominance and prowess in the ring.

Best Tag Teams in WWE

The New Day

The New Day

This trio, consisting of Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods, has brought a unique blend of athleticism and entertainment to the tag team scene, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

As a team, they also hold the record for most WWE-branded tag team championship reigns at 12 (seven SmackDown, four Raw, and one NXT) the only team WWE recognizes with more is The Dudley Boyz at 18, but this includes their eight Extreme Championship Wrestling and one World Championship Wrestling tag team title reigns.

The Usos

The Usos

Jimmy and Jey Uso, real-life brothers, have carved a legacy as one of the most dynamic and successful tag teams in recent WWE history.

They were three-time Raw Tag Team Champions and five-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions, making their team overall eight-time champions and holding the record for the longest male tag team championship reign in WWE history at 622 days.

The Hardy Boyz

The Hardy Boyz

Matt and Jeff Hardy, known for their daredevil antics and high-flying maneuvers, are iconic figures in tag team wrestling.

Overall, they are 12-time world tag team champions between WWE, TNA, and ROH, having won the WWE/World Tag Team Championship six times, the Raw Tag Team Championship once, the SmackDown Tag Team Championship once, the WCW Tag Team Championship once (in WWE), the TNA World Tag Team Championship twice.

The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz, renowned in the world of professional wrestling, are a tag team consisting of brothers Mark LoMonaco and Devon Hughes. Mark LoMonaco, born on July 14, 1971, wrestles under the ring name Bubba Ray Dudley, while Devon Hughes, born on August 1, 1972, is known by the ring name D-Von Dudley.

WWE recognizes them as the most decorated tag team in company history, with 18 world tag team championship reigns, while IMPACT Wrestling recognizes them as 23-time world tag team champions.

Building Tag Team Stories and Rivalries

Behind every captivating tag team match lies a compelling narrative. Tag team feuds add depth to the storytelling, creating rivalries that captivate audiences. Forming alliances and navigating the complex landscape of tag team dynamics often leads to intense and emotionally charged encounters.

Guide to Enjoying Tag Team Wrestling

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Tag Team Rules

Understanding the basic rules of tag team wrestling enhances your viewing experience.

  1. Explore Different Match Types

Diversify your wrestling knowledge by exploring various tag team match types.

  1. Follow Tag Team Champions and Divisions

Keep tabs on the reigning champions and emerging teams in the tag team division.

  1. Witness Memorable Rivalries

Immerse yourself in the storytelling aspect by following ongoing tag team feuds and alliances.

  1. Discover the Best Tag Teams

Explore the exciting world of tag team wrestling by watching matches featuring renowned teams such as The New Day, The Usos, The Hardy Boyz, and FTR.

  1. Attend Live Events or Watch Online

Experience the electric atmosphere of tag team matches by attending live events or streaming online.


In conclusion, professional wrestling tag team match types offer a unique blend of athleticism, teamwork, and storytelling. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the world of wrestling, understanding the nuances of tag team dynamics adds a layer of appreciation to this exhilarating form of entertainment. As you explore the diverse match types and strategies employed by tag teams, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself drawn into the captivating world of professional wrestling.

This exploration into the world of professional wrestling tag team match types has uncovered the intricate dance of athleticism, teamwork, and storytelling that defines this captivating genre. As we appreciate the artistry of tag team wrestling, it’s impossible to ignore the indelible impact of individual performers. For an in depth look at the Greatest Pro Wrestlers of all time.

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