Most Popular Driver in NASCAR

Most Popular Driver in NASCAR


In the fast-paced world of NASCAR, where speed and skill collide, there is always one name that echoes through the roaring engines and cheers of the crowd. The most popular driver in NASCAR. This individual is not just a racer they are a symbol of excellence, adored by fans and respected by competitors. In this we will delve into the essence of what makes a driver the favorite of the masses in the world of stock car racing.

Most Popular Driver in NASCAR

The Rise to Stardom

Every NASCAR fan has a favorite driver, but when it comes to the leading NASCAR racer, there is more at play than just winning races. The journey to becoming a NASCAR fan idol often starts with a combination of skill, charisma, and a deep connection with the audience. Fans want not only a talented driver but also someone they can relate to – a person whose story resonates with their own aspirations.

The “NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver Award” is given to the driver who fans like the most in the Cup Series, Xfinity Series, and Craftsman Truck Series each year since 1956. At first, the drivers voted, and later, everyone in the NASCAR Cup Series got to vote. Nowadays, fans from all over the United States vote for their favorite driver.

The award is organized by the National Motorsports Press Association (NMPA). In 2010, it was sponsored by Hamburger Helper, and in 2011, Wheaties sponsored it. The award ceremony is called the NASCAR Awards Banquet, and it takes place in Nashville, Tennessee, every November.

Bill Elliott has won the most awards, with 16 in the NASCAR Cup Series. In the Xfinity Series, Elliott Sadler and Justin Allgaier both have the most with four awards. Johnny Benson Jr. and Hailie Deegan have the most awards in the Craftsman Truck Series, each winning three.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is second with 15 awards and has the longest streak. He won the award in 2003 and every year until he retired in 2017.

Bill Elliot

Most Popular Driver Bill Elliot

In the NASCAR, no name shines brighter in the popularity arena than Bill Elliott. With an unprecedented 16 wins, he holds the record for the most Most Popular Driver Awards in the Cup Series. This national accolade, spanning across every NASCAR series, signifies the enduring love and admiration fans have showered upon Elliott throughout his illustrious career.

Lee Petty’s

Beyond the realm of popularity, the series championship is the pinnacle of success in NASCAR. In 1954, the legendary Lee Petty etched his name in history by clinching the series championship. This historic milestone represents not only a personal triumph for Petty but also a foundational moment in the annals of NASCAR, shaping the legacy of a sport that continues to captivate millions of fans worldwide.

NASCAR Drivers
Bill Elliott1600016
Dale Earnhardt Jr.1510016
Richard Petty90009
Chase Elliott*62008
Bobby Allison70007
Elliott Sadler04004
Justin Allgaier*04004
Lee Petty30003
Brad Keselowski*03003
Jimmy Hensley02103
Ron Hornaday Jr.01203
Johnny Benson Jr.00303
Jorge Arteaga00033
Kenny Wallace03003
Hailie Deegan*00303
Fred Lorenzen20002
Sam Ard02002
Joe Nemechek02002
Curtis Turner20002
Martin Truex Jr.*02002
Greg Biffle01102
Pepe Montano00022
Noah Gragson*01102


In Conclusion the most popular driver isn’t just a skilled racer they are a symbol of inspiration, dedication, and community. From the adrenaline pumping moments on the track to the personal stories that resonate with fans, the journey to becoming a NASCAR sensation is a multifaceted adventure.

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Chase Elliott

For the sixth consecutive season, Chase Elliott has been named the NASCAR Cup Series’ Most Popular Driver.

Chase Elliott
Kyle Busch
Denny Hamlin
Kevin Harvick
Martin Truex Jr.
Joey Logano
Brad Keselowski
Jimmie Johnson (Note: Jimmie Johnson retired after the 2020 season)
Ryan Blaney
Bubba Wallace

Most Popular Driver in NASCAR for the 2020 season was Chase Elliott.

Chase Elliott, recovering from offseason shoulder surgery, secured the Most Popular Driver award for the sixth consecutive season. He emphasizes the significance of the honor, expressing a desire to move past the challenges of 2023.

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